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Commhoist partners with local school to help reduce carbon footprint

A group of Year 9 pupils from Standish High School worked in partnership with Wigan Athletic Community Trust and local telecoms company, Commhoist, in the hopes of making the company greener. Across the span of eight weeks they discussed and came up with ideas on how they can reduce their carbon footprint, with the goal of becoming as carbon neutral as possible.

The students talked through their ideas with staff from the Trust and the CEO of the telecoms company based in Lowton, Glynn Carlisle, back in April before presenting them to Glynn and HR Manager, Jane Billows. They then spent time researching and developing these ideas, ready to present them at the DW Stadium back in May.

Ideas ranged from short to long term plans and included solutions such as lighting motion sensors, switching from desktop computers to laptops and switching their fleet to fully electric vehicles. Following their presentation, Commhoist have already taken on board and implemented some of these ideas into their workplace.

Glynn said: “The work, subject investigation, reporting and presentations the pupils of Standish High School completed were outstanding.

“Every one of the team is a credit to their school and parents, showing not only a passion for reducing carbon emissions but also maturity and understanding of the ongoing needs for balance against continued business delivery.

“I am delighted to say that several of the proposals the team put forward are being implemented and pursued here at Commhoist as a result of their work.”

Head of Year 9 at Standish High School, Paul Burrows, added:

“Working together with Commhoist has enabled students to gain a fantastic insight into how large corporations work and their impact upon the production of greenhouse gases.

“Students have grown in confidence throughout the project, which has led to them presenting their ideas to Commhoist. Although this was difficult for the students, they now feel more able to present to others in the future.

“All of the pupils involved really enjoyed their experience on the project and are actively looking to continue work that reduces carbon footprints.”

Posted in All , Portfolio on Jul 19, 2022