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Entrepreneurial spirit endures – thank you to all our portfolio companies


2021 seems to be drawing to a close in much the same fashion as 2020. Covid-19 is sadly dominating the headlines. Despite the disruption caused by this pandemic, and government response, there remains much to be positive about. Our worlds have been turned upside down, and yet, we have adapted. What may have started out as “wartime spirit” has developed into one of the greatest displays of entrepreneurialism in living memory. Look closely and you will see companies and organisations adjusting and innovating at an unprecedented rate.

It is hard to think of a sector that has not been affected by the pandemic. Schools forced to move online (hopefully for the last time!). Restaurants establishing take-away services. Board meetings moved to the virtual world. Companies acquired without a single meeting in person. At the start of 2020 these feats would have been deemed impossible.

What is most striking is how the world has changed following the initial shockwaves of Covid. The most successful companies realised that the old playbook no longer applied. Shareholders and managers were forced to re-think and review everything and anything. In doing so, glaring inefficiencies became obvious. More excitingly were the opportunities that either existed, but had never been exploited, or were being created by the changing world.

Most people would not consider themselves entrepreneurs. Many consider the title reserved for the risk-takers, the brave or the downright mad…it’s all a matter of perspective! An entrepreneur is broadly defined as an individual who takes financial risk in the hope of achieving profit. As businesses have reacted and adapted, entrepreneurialism has not been reserved to owner-managers and founders. Employees of all ages and rank have been required to think differently and collectively take risk in order to try and achieve profit. For most people there can be no greater risk than saving your own livelihood.

At KCP we are fortunate to work with some of the most talented individuals across the UK. We have witnessed some remarkable feats over the past 18 months. Routes Healthcare continued to supply essential care services to patients in their own homes against a backdrop of PPE shortages and woeful public guidance. If that wasn’t enough the business successfully navigated through an exit process earlier this year. Sparta Global, a specialist IT training & services provider, managed to continue supporting clients while delivering a successful exit process in 2020. CMOStores supported DIY’ers and tradesman via their online offering of building products, made two acquisitions and floated on London’s AIM in July of this year.

These are just a few examples of businesses delivering outstanding results whilst a global pandemic unfolded. There are plenty more to mention but sadly not enough space on this page. The prosperity and success has been down to the performance of the management teams and employees in all of these businesses. We are grateful to all the hard work and effort that has gone into these amazing businesses and look forward to continuing our work together in 2022 and beyond. A big thanks to everyone in our portfolio, including Avantis Education,CMOStores, Commhoist Logistics, Darts Corner, Routes Healthcare, The Kite Factory, Total Integrated Solutions, York Test and Wells Plastics.

Posted in All , Blog on Dec 20, 2021