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Key Capital Partners wins 'Small Cap Deal of the Year' award

Key Capital Partners have won 'Small Cap Deal of the Year' award at's Yorkshire Rainmaker Awards 2018 for the MBO of YorkTest Laboratories. YorkTest Laboratories was an £8.6m MBO completed by Key Capital Partners in July 2017.

YorkTest is the UK market leader in food intolerance testing. The company offers comprehensive support to customers in identifying food intolerance and then guiding them through dietary changes with the aim of addressing ailments such as IBS, migraines and skin conditions.

YorkTest applies a rigorous process at its York-based laboratory to determine specific food or drink reactions, and then provides professional nutritional consultations to support and advise the customer in eliminating trigger foods from their diet – all with a simple finger-prick blood test which maximises ease of use for the customer.

Posted in All , Team on Jul 23, 2018