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A Spotlight on The Kite Factory: A Winning Year

The Kite Factory (“TKF”) is a London-based independent media agency for ‘brands with big plans’. They provide media and planning services to clients in a range of sectors including charities, retail, fitness and financial. Using their proprietary analytical tools, they are able to reallocate media spend to the most effective channels while creating market-leading strategies.

KCP invested in TKF in July 2017, providing development capital to invest in the team and enhance their state-of-the-art, proprietary analytical tools that set them apart from their peers.

Since our investment we have watched TKF rebrand and helped them make significant operational and technological enhancements which has enabled them to grow into the business they are today.

While many struggled, 2021 was the year that TKF saw unprecedented growth, the foundation of which the agency attributes to its passion for their clients. This certainly seems the case, with the nine industry awards for which they were recognised for last year. We are so very proud of what they have achieved, especially throughout the pandemic and we feel these industry awards are a just reward for the whole team’s hard work.

Some of the award winning campaigns that TKF have been behind have made a huge impact for their clients, such as helping to launch a new drink brand, White Claw, in the UK after it’s initial launch in the US, as well as creating an emotionally moving campaign for WaterAid, a long standing client, which continues to receive recognition and awards in the sector.

To read more about TKF’s award winning work, please head over to their website.

Posted in All , Portfolio on Jan 11, 2022