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Why I won't be drinking Carling on Yorkshire Day...

Whilst chatting over a pizza after work one night with a few colleagues, we found ourselves discussing popular beer brands. We were considering what was the widest selling beer in the UK and our boss suggested it might be Carling, which it turns out after a quick Google search to be correct (perhaps he is always right about everything), but I immediately pointed out that it wasn’t for me.

Yorkshire is fortunate enough to be home to several top breweries from all over the county. My first discovery was many years back as a student in Sheffield. I fell in love with the local beer so much so that I personally transported gallons of it down to Bedfordshire for my wedding many years later, time and effort which my wife-to-be greatly appreciated amongst the many other stresses of the day I’m sure…

So, what does this have to do with business, well perhaps people’s choice of beer can be compared to how we conduct our business? Carling appeals to the mass market, it provides refreshment and an opportunity for inebriation (mild or otherwise) for those that seek it, it’s widely accessible and reasonably priced. It lacks the bells and whistles of a mango infused IPA or a chocolate milkshake stout, but that isn’t for everybody, so why would drinkers seek alternatives?

Similar questions could be asked of KCP when we are putting together funding proposals for businesses. We are clearly not the cheapest finance solution, we don’t have the physical presence of the high street banks, but some people are seeking more than just liquidity and convenience.

Much in the same way that our local brewers agonise over sourcing the best ingredients and refine their recipes, KCP prides itself on its selective approach to investments. For us, the ingredients are strong management teams and growing businesses with envious positions in attractive markets.

But what’s in it for the investee? Because we’re not a volume player, we can focus our attention on a small number of businesses at any one time. Over the lifecycle of the investment, our team prioritises strong personal relationships with our management teams, much like nurturing the yeast. We provide strategic input whilst giving business owners the flexibility to run their businesses how they know best.

And whilst we’ve not been around quite as long as those trappist breweries of the early 1800’s, we have a team of experienced brewers, together which has many years of expertise in private equity, working alongside management teams and assisting them to realise their growth potential.

So, whilst I have nothing against Carling, or any other reasonably priced lager, they clearly have their place in the market. However, much like brewers pride themselves on delivering a bespoke premium product to the sophisticated drinker, KCP are proud of the bespoke solution we provide and the success it drives for management teams and investors alike.

KCP, like many great beers, has its home in the heart of Yorkshire, with a second office in London.

Posted in All , Blog on Jul 30, 2021