We’re always ready to back ambitious management teams who have the drive, determination and vision to build value in their business.

You will no doubt have credible and ambitious plans for the business you are managing, but if your owners aren’t supportive they won’t become a reality. We can provide equity funding to support you in buying your business from the current owners, known as a ‘management buy-out’ or ‘MBO’.

An MBO puts you in control of your business and enables you to share in the rewards of its success. We have funds available and we’re an experienced deal team so decisions can be made quickly. We’ll support you through the whole process of the transaction and introduce experienced contacts and operational specialists if needed. At the foot of the page, you can find a few examples of transactions where we have successfully supported management teams in buying the business they managed. Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss this further.

To access our brochure on working with management, click here.

We can help you take control
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