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Mike Fell

Investment Partner



Tel: 0203 574 4971

London office: Henry Wood House, 2 Riding House Street, London, W1W 7FA

“As one of the most experienced teams around, we understand how to build businesses. We all bring different skills to the party, but share a genuine passion for what we do”

As a founder of KCP, I’ve always wanted to focus on those businesses which fall into what is termed the ‘equity gap’. These are companies which do not have ready access to equity funding, or an experienced and successful institutional investment partner, who can assist the management team to grow the value of their company. I joined the nascent private equity industry in the 1980’s and have experienced its rapid development and the changes to the industry, triggered by new entrants and the impact of three boom and bust cycles. I work in KCP’s London office, sourcing and investing in new investment opportunities and have board roles on three of KCP’s portfolio companies. A role that I have always enjoyed, as assisting talented management teams in growth businesses provides great satisfaction.

Outside of KCP, I spend too much time travelling to Anfield to watch Liverpool Football Club. During the summer I enjoy watching live cricket and messing about in small sail boats!